Terms and conditions

Taxes and fees
Taxes and (airport-)fees are included in our prices. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the moment you pick up the car. 



Free cancellation

Up to one hour prior to picking up the vehicle you can cancel your reservation without any charge. Please contact us by telephone, SMS or Whats App.



Unlimited mileage

You have no mileage limitation. However, it is important that we replace the vehicle before you made more than 2000 kilometres.



Coverage for the theft of the vehicle

A police report and/or the International accident report must be submitted.



Assistance in personal injury



Fully comprehensive insurance

All our contracts come with an insurance without excess.

If you like to have mirrors, tires, keys, etc. included please ask for our additional insurance.



Additional drivers

One additional driver is free.

Each additional driver costs € 4.50 per day (max. € 45.00), per hire and driver.

A maximum of 3 additional drivers.

For drivers who are older than 70 or younger than 30 years the complete insurance is required.



Rental agreement extensions

Once the rental vehicle has been picked up, rental agreement extensions will be confirmed only upon request and will depend on the availability of the vehicles.

The customer has to come to our office and sign a new rental agreement before the old one expires.



Additional insurance

Loss or damage of the keys

Fill wrong fuel

Damage to the underbody

Damage to the windshield or mirrors

Damage to tires and/or rims and antenna

Breakdown service

Damage to the coupling



Child Seats

Child Seat: € 4.50 per day, hire and seat (max € 45.00)

Booster Seat: € 3.00 per day, hire and seat (max € 30.00)

Shell: € 4.50 per day, hire and seat (max € 45.00)



Payment options

The payment of the rental car has to be done by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash when you pick up the vehicle. The credit card holder must be present at the moment of picking up the car. We also accept payment by debit card if the additional insurance has been signed.


If the reservation should be in the name of a company, a deposit of 600 € will be taken. The contract must be written in the name of the company, so that the invoice can be printed on the company name.



Fuel policy

You will be provided with the vehicle full of fuel and it has to be returned empty. The full tank will be charged when you pick up the car. Please be aware that the amount that will be charged depends on the vehicle model as well as on the price of fuel in the market on the pick-up date.


Please keep in mind that the amount for the fuel is not included in the quoted price.



Further conditions

The customer must replace the vehicle before he has made 2000 kilometers. If not, we will charge € 2 per kilometer.


We do not offer one-way rentals, so the vehicle can not be returned to a different location.


Hotel or location deliveries are possible (please consult prices).


Vehicles cannot be taken abroad or between islands.


It is mandatory to present a valid driver's license and an ID card (or passport) and the credit card. All the documents must be in Latin alphabet.


We cannot accept ec-cards.



Traffic Fines

SunStar Rent-A-Car will charge the customer an administration fee of € 25 when we receive the notification of a traffic fine incurred by the customer during his rental period. We are required by law to report the details of the customers to the Department of Transportation, who had rented the vehicle at that time.


This fee does not include the fine's payment. The customer will have to pay the fine directly to the corresponding Spanish authorities.




Late return vehicle

Should the vehicle be returned at a later date than the date specified in the contract, the insurance is no longer valid. The customer will be charged a fee of € 20 per day. In addition, the daily rental rate will be calculated until the vehicle is returned.



Not included in our service / our insurance are:

  • loss of keys, key break or spare key requirement
  • punctures
  • damage to rims and tires
  • car parking fees
  • traffic penalties
  • damage to the underfloor
  • damages to the interior of the vehicle
  • accidental damage
  • towing costs due to illegal parking
  • any costs associated with gross negligence on the part of the tenan